Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tequila in his heartbeat, his veins burned gasoline.

"uhhhh, YEAH...i'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead and jam for an hour straight...yeah...if you could go ahead and do that, that'd be GREAT."

maybe the dingo ate your urine!!!

don't worry...

offical damnocracy. you know, i think "fist" was a better name than that. even "savage animal" was better than that!!! but oh man...that sebastian bach is a hot mess!!

related, dumb little story: several years back, i temped at an electric company for like 3 weeks. i did the paid training, knew i was never going to last a day in their call center, and left after taking, like, one phone call. anyway, we handled PA and NJ, so one day all the irresponsible trainees were trying to look up famous people that we knew lived in jersey. springsteen was the natural first choice (no luck). but, i did find whitney houston (who had a $4,000 per month bill...hell to the no!) and sebastian bach (i actually knew to look him up as sebastian bierk--ewww, i know). good ol' baz had received 3 shut-off notices. OUCH.

that is all.


casefied said...

ack. i feel like i went to temple of anubis.

mondo retro said...

i know that looking at half-naked men is your favorite. ;)