Friday, June 09, 2006

stop the world, i wanna get off

man, some days i wake up and i JUST CANNOT DEAL!! i have never woken up on a wronger side of the bed than i did this morning. well, that's probably not true, but it was a pretty dire "i'm fat/i'm ugly/i'm old/i hate my job" situation. i just sat down on the bed and looked at my boyfriend and said, "i just can't do this today, man." but i'm here. here i am. LOVING IT. :/ anyway...

interview with ari gold. perhaps i should work for him...?

get well soon, loretta!

ok, people. not EVERY SINGLE trend of the past needs to come back.

"i'm fresh out of prison and came by to shoot..."

i want this.

gallery of ads showing hardcore drugs as ingredients for normal products. (via fark)

this is funny. my friends dave and wyatt photoshopped themselves into a "manimal" photo. and here's the best/worst manimal page ever!


anubis44 said...

I still wanna see Frank's face on the falcon. hehehehe

Happy T. Fluke said...

Manimal must be near the top of the list of Endangered Sitcoms of yor.

mondo retro said...

yes, along with "herman's head."