Friday, June 02, 2006

"o'er the RAAAPIDS we ruunnngh....thru the night..."

i don't know how all of these people kept from losing it. i really don't. funny funny funny.

more later...i have all kinds of work to do. ugh. i keep forgetting that work is for working, and not for blogging...

but before i go, here is a picture chris found last night on some site featuring cute foofy schmooshy cats. it's a girl, who looks a lot like me, with a cat that looks a lot like gertie. but it's not us. that girl's got a bigger rack.

p.s. goin' to see wolfmother on sunday...should be a groovy, heavy, zeppelin-esque, australian time.

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Overseer Q said...

There was something I was supposed to remember, but I forgot what it was.

I know, it's that darn anmesia ray keeps misfiring. I really need to get the guys at Dept. H to look at it.

Er...what was I saying?