Saturday, June 24, 2006

"never rub another man's rhubarb."

that is one line from "batman" that just never made it into the pop culture lexicon. we're watching it right now for the first time in years and years, and there are so many one-liners that are etched into our brains...i forgot what an insane big deal that movie was when it came out. by the way, my favorite batman is christian bale.


related? goths like bats...

i just discovered that the guy in the wheelchair who answers the trivia question for free coffee in "ghost world" is crispin glover's dad!

i also found these pictures of eric stoltz in the scenes he filmed when he was the original star of "back to the future." man, i was so in love with michael j. fox back then. i thought he was the coolest. but eric looks way cooler to me now, in retrospect...more 80's alternative-guy.

i watched this today. it's about VD. specifically, syphillis.

here's a list of films shown on usa: up all night. i watched it faithfully every weekend as a youth.

and here's a list of films quentin tarantino has shown at the qt film fests in austin. y'all just need to cut and paste the titles from those 2 lists and put 'em in your netflix queue. you'll have a great couple of months ahead of you!

okay, would you just look at this guy?!? i mean, WOW, i wish i could be as hip as this guy! actually, at least he's unique. most everybody on those hipster party sites look exactly the same. like, they need a shot of penicillin and a square meal.

Your 1950s Name is:

Audrey Bonnie

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