Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"I looked out this morning and the sun was gone.."

it will never stop raining. ever. it's been raining constantly, in biblical torrential downpours, for days. apparently there will be evacuations in the areas by the river tomorrow...i'm hoping i don't float away on the way to work...

excuse me, honey---you ain't no john lennon.

there's those mutha-effin snakes on that mutha-effin plane again!

the most shocking thing about this story is the photo of that woman's ass.

reeeally old computers.

hot dog success stories.

how to retire in your 30's. and it's not blogging, i can tell you that.

mable's unique gifts.

this video is so awesome! dig the bass player, bobbing spazmatically to and fro, and the drummer with the perfectly round afro, obviously sporting his "captain caveman" look..."classic" indeed!

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