Wednesday, June 21, 2006

happy summer!

of course i wake up in an awful mood on the longest flippin' day of the year. :( oh well.

things found stuffed in books in a jail book cart. (via growabrain)

oooh, this looks good!

weird statues in recreational parks. (via boing boing)

how to do your hair all retro.

here are the project runway 3 designers. no sign of daniel franco this time.

man, frank zappa had a shitload of songs! you don't realize it until you see them all listed together...

long awkward pose. my whole life is one big long, awkward pose...

this cheesy "free tour of our fabulous resort community, no obligation weekend for two" thing with erik estrada makes me laugh. and i always think of "empire of the ants" when i see it...


Hillary said...

Woah, PR 3 contestants! I hope it's not all about anything other than fashion and Tim. I hate it when my favorite shows get too popluar!

mondo retro said... la tim gunn! LOVE HIM! :)