Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Come on and take a look. Take a trip from 'Squaresville'. Live a little."

...poor little hamster!

woo-hoo! YES! YES! (although the titles mentioned sound a lot like grateful dead songs to me. eek.)

every day is a little brighter with some paul reubens...

...and some johnny cash.

perhaps i should look into making things like this instead of boring old jewelry...

ouch!! oh,'ve fallen so far... although having one of those shirts would be funny for about 5 minutes.

here you can view my all-time favorite drug-related classroom scare film, "narcotics: pit of despair." this flick's got some GREAT QUOTES, such as, "C'mon man get with it! Drag it man, try anything once. Fly. You can't get a habit with weed." and, "John surrenders his dignity and lays his future on the chopping block."

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