Thursday, May 04, 2006

steal this post

video of abbie hoffman making gefilte fish. sweet!

the closer i get to you... (ahhhh, i love "found.")

a site about soft cloth funnels--i mean dresses.

i pity the fool that don't watch my show! now eat your greens!

more dan clowes goodness, this time with terry zwigoff.

how to improve your scrabble score.

i wonder if bob barker even knows what 420 means. heh.

get up, get on up-ah...get on the a sex machine museum.

retrocrush's 100 best cover songs. they add more every day, so keep an eye on it. or don't. you people don't have to listen to me.

well thank goodness they gave her a nice name. i'm so sick of celebrities trying to one-up each other with their insane names. "oh, we named her Toilet Brush. it really is meaningful to us..."

that philly sound.

well, i guess that's enough for today. p.s. sweetie: sorry i dogged on the dead grass in front of the house yesterday. :)


Thadius Ignatious Elliot said...

are you kidding? i think barker was high!

mondo retro said...