Wednesday, April 26, 2006

this sure is a slow internet day.

nothing really going on at all. personally speaking, the house hunt is getting hot n' heavy, so that's kind of exciting. it seems like all we do lately is look at houses...we found something last night that would be perfect. awesome location, beautiful view from every angle, great yard, porch, doesn't need a whole lot of work on the outside...except that the house reeked of cat pee so severely that i almost passed out. literally. i thought i was gonna puke. it was insane. i think whoever lived there must've had 267 cats and a few dogs. and then died in there. ugh. so we would have to rip out all the carpets, re-do all the floors, scrub the place from top to bottom, paint, etc. but it's really cute with a really amazing yard that is HUGE and has big old trees and a pink flowering dogwod and ivy...*sigh* it really is incredible. but, it needs a lot of work. to be honest, i don't even know what the inside looks like...i was in & out of that walk-through like The Flash. it was awful. but---it could be really, really cute.

man, this is stressful. but an exciting kind of stressful, i guess. maybe we should be doing this...?

p.s. new sonic youth song here, charlie sheen's mean voicemails to denise richards here, jared leto mistakenly thinks his band is relevant here.

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