Wednesday, April 19, 2006

insert witty headline here.

thomas dolby kinda looks like john malkovich in that picture at the top...

satan's laundromat. not as evil as it sounds.

bird flu tv movie of the week coming soon. thanks, abc!!

cartoon network is hosting a silent internet art auction, and the stuff is really cool. (link via boing boing)

oh my! the modern age has a link to a video of the 10/01/02 white stripes free show in union square. i was there!! wheee! i really should scan all my pictures...i have several of jack looking right into my camera.

winners of the Marshmallow Peeps Diorama contest.

pretend it's 1974 and join david cassidy's fan club. (via bubblegum fink)

british comedy downloads--including the young ones w/ cliff richard!!! sweet!

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Christine Mitchell said...

Those Peeps dioramas are so COOL! I'm inspired. I have to make one. Kill Peeps, Vol 1 & 2. Do you think there are any left anywhere at 50% off? Must...find...peeps!