Sunday, April 23, 2006

how insane was that...

...when christopher beat up lauren bacall for her goodie bag on "the sopranos"? bwah-hahaha, ohhhh that was great.

last week, japanese scientists explaced-- placed explosive detonators on the sun...

this chocolate is the bomb. yuk, yuk.

helsinki hipsters.

it's a conspiracy, i tell ya.

last night we watched "blast-off girls" (directed by one of my faves, herschell gordon lewis). i forgot all about the fact that colonel sanders (yes, that colonel sanders) had a cameo as himself. so the crew could eat free chicken. funny that there's no photo for him on imdb...what, they couldn't find one? i realize that his image is quite rare...oh, i also think i need to get this album.

i also used the last of my purple manic panic last night:

and would you just look at this precious little smiling ball of foof:

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