Saturday, March 25, 2006

will i never learn?

ugggh...such a hangover...i went out with the girls last night, lina and tiffany. or, monica and tina, as they told the drunk, scraggly, unintelligible, poor-man's baba booey who wanted to buy us a pitcher. ick. i was mary jane, by the way. really? TELL US ALREADY !!

meat men like.

walt disney film all about v.d. excellent! (via boing boing)

propaganda films! my favorite! seriously, i love them.

comprehensive list of how female comic book characters have died.

superhero or household cleaner?

weird guy behavior explained. (thanks, johnny speed)


is shaving really that interesting?

the simpsons in the flesh.

can't wait until tomorrow to see it? watch it here!

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