Friday, March 31, 2006

i'm finally perkin' up a bit.

man, i've been so out of it all week...i'm going to see how long i can go today without a pain pill. when i'm on those pain pills, this is super fun!!

so, right now my boyfriend is helping his friend out at an auction he's having, as he does every few months. he helps with the eBay live auction side of things. they've got some really cool stuff, including a bazillion action figures that belonged to leonardo dicaprio, and a giant collection of condom tins. i never knew there was such a thing.

penthouse interview with l. ron hubbard, jr.

snakes in a car.

world's largest buffet!

ha, sharon stone's old boobies are lopsided.

database of mad movie satires.

oop, i can feel the vibration right now!!

1 comment:

Johnny_Speed said...

OMG, that boredom sensor ROCKS! I can think of SO MANY in desperate need!

Not you of course Mondo, you're many things, but boring? Nuh-uh.