Sunday, November 19, 2006

i think i had a raconteur-gasm

i have just returned from one of the most fun shows i have been to in a loooooong time. (please forgive any typos, i have had *several* beers this evening). i went to see bob dylan (for the 17th time, literally) and the raconteurs (for the 2nd time) at the spectrum tonight with chris, lori, and margy. it was the last night of the tour, and we had pretty decent seats, and we had just the most AWESOME time! we were dancing in the aisles, spinning each other around and was just great. the raconteurs ROCKED, and the bob set list was out of, i forgot how exciting it is to see brand-new bob songs from new albums. it's just so...ahhhhhhhhhhh! this was margy's very first dylan show, and at one point she had tears streaming down her face, and lori and i were so proud!!! :) she totally got it. awesome. lori and i have known each other for like 10 years...we met at some crappy job we worked at many moons ago, and the reason we met was because of the fact that we were both going to bob shows (one day apart) and someone told me i should talk to this girl that loved bob dylan, too. well, here we are 10 years later, still going to bob shows together. she then started working at the local museum, where margy worked...and she just knew we needed to be introduced...that was around 5 years ago or so. they are such great friends. i heart them. oh, and i have a very classic story about lori and i, involving a bob show in atlantic city, a limo, and peeing in a cooler...but i won't share that one just now. :)
regarding the raconteurs...well, they are just so amazing, i can't even begin to describe it. i was very happy that they did "bang bang," and even MORE excited that they did love's "a house is not a motel." that ruled. also, "store bought bones" was somewhat reworked and had a very slow, blusey beginning, which i loved. then it got all rockin' and insane. that jack white... *sigh* i just can't stand it! at one point he was dancing around on stage for what seemed like a really long time; hopping up and down and bobbing his head. yes, it was just a really great night all the pre-show photos should reflect. we all look very happy, no?

margaret had a really great description of the raconteurs...she said they were like a full, hearty got your meat, your potatoes, your vegetable, your roll with butter, something good to drink, linen napkin on your lap...and i added, "and the cigarette afterwards." meaning, they give you everything you need, and everything you want. they've got it all, and it's so satisfying and makes you feel great. also, when we dropped lori off, the last thing she said to me was, "make sure you email me some pictures of jack white!" we had floor seats, but weren't close enough to really see his face. she was completely won over by the genius of jack. she always was a sucker for the guitar gods...

p.s. i was wearing my trusty flying burrito brothers shirt tonight, and some dude saw it when i was making my way to the bathroom and yelled out, "dude!!! flying burrito brothers!!!" at me, and i gave him the heavy metal sign (which is dumb because they are just about the least metal band in the whole wide world) and a giant smile and yelled, "woooo!" it was literally the first time anyone has seen this shirt and clearly knew what it meant. everyone else sees it and says, "flying burrito brothers?!? what the hell does that mean?" so, right on to that dude who knew who they are.

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Weenil said...

Woooo-hooo! I had such a great time last night!!! Thanks for one of the best concerts I've ever been to! yay! xoxoxo, Margy!